what I made, or what I've been making.


This is experimental and broken English version. All contents in this web site are not put into English. Because my native language is Japanese, I am working on Japanese version mainly.

I think that my English is very poor and broken. If you find some mistakes or strange expressions (including kidding or unnatural ones) in my English, please let me know for my study.


Japanese version is available. You can find the whole contents in it.

Good Job, I Think

uink (2000/06/16)

Pre-processor for text documents. Written in Ruby. I was discontented with almost existing pre-prossesors which are embedding directives to the document sources, so I made it experimentally. Uink does pre-processing and formatting by scanning the entire document with "template", which can be written in regular expression like language.

I feel uink to be very complex. The manual is not kind yet. (And, of cource, it's Japanese only.) I myself don't know well how to explain what uink is and how it works, but I think that it is much cooler than the pre-processors which has been already available. I always welcome observations about uink.

aftercommit (2000/09/26)

A Ruby script to help jobs using loginfo in CVS. Aftercommit can send a mail, write ChangeLog, and run some commands after "cvs commit"ting.

Sing a Song of Ruby

rbcd (2000/12/03)

CD player almost written in Ruby. requires Ruby/GTK. (Snapshot version is recommended.)

The part for controlling CD-ROM drives is written in C. If you use neither Linux, FreeBSD (Thanks to Hiroshi Abe), nor Windows, you must install libcdaudio first. And, sorry, English documents are not present now.

Ruby/zlib (2000/09/26)

Extension library to use zlib from Ruby. Ruby/zlib has original .gz file handler of its own, using undocumented feature of zlib. I don't think that gzFile functions are good for Ruby. (That is to say, I don't like them very mach...)

The Patches

Patch to play sounds by mpg123-0.58r with ALSA 0.5 for the time being (2000/05/12)

Yes, I couldn't suppose API has changed from version 0.5! So, at first, I touched mpg123 with my tears.

Patch to play sounds by EsounD-0.2.8 with ALSA 0.5 for the time being (2000/05/12)

I also touched EsounD. I wonder why EsounD has not updated. Is it swallowed by GNOME?